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Item Number - Product Type - Insect Name




P113  MPB Mountain Pine Beetle Dendroctonus ponderosae

P276  Pine Engraver Beetle Ips pini

P274  PXL Exotic Bark Beetle Ips typographus

P130  Western Pine Beetle Dendroctonus brevicomis

P151  Southern Pine Beetle Dendroctonus frontalis

P144  Douglas-fir Beetle Dendroctonus pseudotsugae

P115  Spruce Beetle Dendroctonus rufipennis

P188  Elm Bark Beetle (90 days) Scolytus spp

P518  Asian Longhorn Beetle

P277  California Fivespined Ips Ips paraconfusus

P275  Spruce Engraver Beetle Ips pertubatus

P280  Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle Tetropium fuscum

P333  Pine Sawyer Beetle Monochamus galloprovinciallis

P262  Roundheaded Bark Beetle Dendroctonus adjunctus

P281  Red Turpentine Beetle Dendroctonus valens

P361  Eastern Six-spined Engraver Beetle Ips callographus

P362  Eastern Five-spined Engraver Beetle Ips grandicolis

P282  Six-toothed Ips Beetle Ips sexdentatus

P237  Larch Bark Beetle Ips subelongatus

P272  Pine Shoot Beetle Ips piniperda


Other lures available - please inquire.




P116  Douglas-fir Beetle Dendroctonus pseudotsugae

P052  Mountain Pine Beetle Dendroctonus ponderosae

P115-5  Spruce Beetle Dendroctonus rufipennis

P339  Wood Wasp Sirex noctilo

P129  Western Pine Beetle Dendroctonus brevicomis

P128  Western Balsam Bark Beetle Dryocetes confusus




P516  Western Pine Shoot Borer Eucosma sonomana

P439E  Eastern Spruce Budworm Choristoneura fumiferana

P439W  Western Spruce Budworm Choristoneura occidentalis

P124  Oblique Banded Leaf Roller Choristoneura rosaseana

P217  Gypsy Moth (flex lure) Lymantria dispar

P217  Nun Moth (flex) Lymantria monacha

P131-0.5  Douglas-fir Tussock Moth 0.5 ug Orgyia pseudotsuga

P131-5  Douglas-fir Tussock Moth 5 ug Orgyia pseudotsuga

P561  Western Hemlock Looper Lambdina fiscellaria lugubrosa

P562  Jack Pine Budworm Choristoneura pinus pinus

P563  Forest Tent Caterpillar Malacosoma disstria




P041  Trypodendron lineatum

P153  Gnathotrichus retusus

P117  Gnathotrichus sulcatus




IP037  Alpha-pinene UHR 75/25

IP037  Alpha-pinene UHR 95/5

IP036  Ethanol UHR

IP004  Ethanol Standard

IP005  Lineatin 16 mg flex lure

IP029  Sudenol lure

IP035-40  Ipsenol 40mg bubblecap

IP035-15  Ipsenol 100 mg bubblecap

IP0034  Ipsdienol 100 mg bubblecap

IP043  Lanierone bubblecap

IP012B  Myrcene 17 ml bottle

IP008  Trans verbenol 180 mg bubblecap

IP291  Methylbutenol lure 3.8gm

IP019  Cis verbenol 20mg bubblecap

IP031  Cis verbenol 190mg bubblecap

P650  Pityol 40 mg bubblecap

IP007  Exo-brevicomin 2.5 mg flex lure

IP035  Ipsenol 40 mg bubblecap

IP030  Myrcene/Terpinoline 17 ml bottle

IP003  Sulcatol bubblecap

IP003-R  Retusol bubblecap

IP001  MCOL bubblecap

P205  Nonanal bubblecap

P298-400CT  Conophthorin 250 ug in 400 mg tube

PC075  Frontalin lure

P363  Monochamol lure 90 mg


Many more components can be made available - please inquire.





P150  Verbenone Pouch

P222  MCH Bubblecap




P218-4  Funnel Trap 4-unit wet cup

P218-8  Funnel Trap 8-unit wet cup

P218-12  Funnel Trap 12-unit wet cup

P218-16  Funnel Trap 16-unit wet cup

OM100-W  Wet Collection Cup

OM100-D  Dry Collection Cup

OM101  Regular Funnel

OM102  Bottom Funnel

OM133A  Top Assembly

OM166  Two Ring Lure Holder


P074  Unitrap

P189  Elm Bark Beetle

P050  Cross-vane Panel Trap

OM 071  Grid White Diamond Trap with grid

P476  Green Gypsy Moth Trap

P131  Milk Carton Trap (Douglas-fir Tussock Moth)


P020  Vaportape (Pesticide Strip)


Note: We also have plastic delta traps, wing traps, sticky cards in various colours, scale cards, ramp traps.


For all prices and/or formal quotes please contact:


Bruce Thomson

WestGreen Global Technologies



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